Ways To Work With Me

What happens when the life you’re living no longer matches your expectations? …

Believe it or not, this actually happens to a lot of people at some point in their life. It’s as if everything started out great, but at some point you realized that you’re just not connecting anymore with what you feel is your true purpose.

Well, don’t worry – it’s not a bad thing to discover … I mean, it’s better than never understanding why you’re discontented with your life, right? At least, that’s the lesson that life taught ME. So if you can tell there’s something missing, maybe it’s time to find out what it is – to reconnect with your forgotten dreams, and finally start living the life you had envisioned way back before you got so far off track.

Let me help get you back in alignment with those dreams. Let’s work together to reconnect those dots and lead you into clarity and conscious intentions. If you feel that you’ve stalled and have become stuck, let’s create some traction for you … and pretty soon, you’ll be heading towards the kind of  life your heart has been yearning for.

Here’s What I Can Do For You 

Package #1
“In It To Win It …”
10 Sessions Over 3 Months

A 3-month schedule, over which we will meet for 10 telephone sessions, each around 60 minutes.

During those sessions, you will talk and I will listen – but I’ll also ask powerful questions that will require you to search deeply into those forgotten corners of your mind. That’s where your misplaced dreams and life’s passions are languishing, just waiting for us to reach them and reconnect them with your genuine self.

As well as what we discover at each session, we will also agree on a goal (or two) for you to work on over the coming week – sort of like homework, only much more valuable. We’ll discuss your progress on those goals during our next call, and see what reveals itself before setting new goals.

The more willing you are to do the work, the deeper we can go and the more progress you will make. It’s always a fascinating process, and it can greatly enhance our perspective.

Package #2
“Dancing As Fast As I Can …”
4 Sessions Over 4 Weeks 

To make your journey as affordable as possible, I’m offering a monthly program that will give you 4 sessions – one per week, for approximately 60 minutes each.

Just like the 3-month package, we will take the same approach, including assignments for you to work on between our sessions but please realize that while a 4-week program will help get you started, making the longer 3-month commitment allows us to delve more deeply into the challenges you’ve identified.

With this package, though, you could always renew successive terms at the same price, when you uncover issues that you want to continue working on. It’s all very flexible, and intended to offer you access to an affordable, fully-supported journey to the very highest vision of your potential.

Take Me For a Test Drive 

Before you decide which package is right for you, let’s do a complimentary call to determine if we relate to each other – it’s important to be comfortable together, so let’s do a 20-minute test-drive, absolutely no obligation. If you decide that we have a connection, then here’s an example of some of the goals we could strive to accomplish together:

  • Move beyond the obstacles, beliefs and fears that limit you!
  • Discover – or reconnect with –  your life’s purpose and begin making your highest contribution to the world!
  • Forge a new path and re-evaluate your direction after any major life transition!
  • Stay motivated and energized as you reach your goals!
  • Create an inspiring life vision and develop a concrete action plan for attaining it!
  • Get rid of the maybe’s that have been cornering you and stopping you from moving forward in your life!

… as well as addressing any specific challenges or concerns you want us to explore.

This will be a totally customized program, so it can be whatever you want or need it to be. Isn’t it time for you to step out of the mist and put your life on its right path? Aren’t you tired of waiting for things to somehow improve on their own? (It’s unlikely that they will, you know.) If you’re just feeling stuck and can’t seem to get any traction, then just contact me to arrange for your complimentary session, and let’s start talking about what we can do together to get you where you need to go!

Click this link today and arrange to take full advantage of my dynamic 1-on-1 complimentary coaching session, and let’s get started!! All you have to do is begin – it couldn’t be any easier. Don’t put it off – Contact me now!